18 May 2018

ITA Showtime: visit Symphony Mills!

Performance fabrics are a great invention for furniture. We all know that we’re bound to spill a drink or appetizer at some point, so being able to clean it is a more than welcome gift.

Jade, a luxurious dry velvet with a woven cotton look, is made of 100% polyester and has minimal tracking. And the best thing is: you can clean it! Most common stains can be cleaned with just a simple mix of water and soap.

Velvets are, as you might have guessed, still very popular in interior design. Next to Jade, we also have a fashionable velvet look called Oxford , again a 100% polyester fabric. Oxford is available in over 30 colors.

For natural fiber looks with a textured, ‘pebble-weave’ construction, San Remo is a great option. The multi-colored yarns in this fabric will give your furniture a distinct and classy look, whatever color you choose.

We selected a wide selection of our other stock-supported fabrics as well for ITA Showtime, so be sure to pay us a visit. We hope to see you there!

MS 246, 2nd floor
Market Square Building
Highpoint, NC