About us.

Symphony was established in 1997 as a fabric trading company.  Our specialists select trendy curtain and upholstery fabrics from major textile producers mainly in the Far East and China.

Our own China based organization purchases the fabrics and arranges the shipment to our 30,000sqm warehouse in Belgium.

Before shipment however the fabrics are inspected by our own quality control services. This allows high level quality standards.

The fabrics are also tested by our QC in our own in house testing department in Belgium to make sure that the important fabric specifications, such as color fastness and FR test are maintained.


For Symphony customer service is of extreme importance. The whole collection of fabrics is available from our warehouse and orders as small as just one piece can be shipped to the customer overnight.

As part of a larger textile group, Symphony has access to a finishing department were the fabrics can be treated to suit the customer’s requirement. Fabrics can be laminated, can be made Fire Retardant or can be enriched by printing a pattern on the base fabric.

our warehouse team

our sampling departement

Matress tickings and knittings made in Belgium